World from Dawn till Dusk

Ielizabeta Smith

Born 08.21.1990 in Kiev.


2007 – 2008 Mechnikov State University in Odessa - Department of Classical Mathematics
2007 – 2008 Theatrical- Artistic School in Odessa - Department of Film and Photographic
2008 – 2013 Karpenko - Karego National University of Theatre, Film and Television - in Kiev - Film Institute, Level 'qualifications - Bachelor's degree, specialization (in progress) - director of feature films

Work Experience:

2010 - 2012 – TV Gogolfest
2011 - 2012 - 1 +1 TV director of "live programs"
2013 - STB TV studio "Pilot", reality show "dinner party" (director)
2013 - K1 TV studio "Pilot", the reality show "The Secret cook" - second director


2011 - „Wizyta” ( "Visit" )short film
2012 - „Po tamtej stronie kołdry” (''Beyond the quilts" )short film
2013 - „Gwoździe '' (''Nails") short film
2013 - „Odbicie” ("Reflection") short film

"Petro the xylophonist"

Petro Petrovich - a young boy from the small village called Worochta located far in Carats. Boy arrives at the Maidan. He is playing the xylophone on the streets all the day and all night. What is more every passerby or an ordinary old lady, whether soldier of anyone from self - defence must stop and listen to his interesting contemporary music, performed on antique instrument. Peter gather crowds around him, singing folk songs with them and talking with his audience during brakes for example about the changes, or future elections, the responsibility of each of them. This man radiates with some magic.

However, in the moment when the Maidan assault takes place and the rulers is trying to supress the protest, Petro can not be indifferent for this situation and he throws up to fight. These days changes him very deeply, he became tougher, and he changed from the boy into a man

After the events on the Maidan in Petro has raised many questions and doubts both to the people around as well as to himself. Petro's family is really huge. His grandfather, father, and all the brothers are musicians like him, even though they haven't played together and haven't talk to each other for really long time. Now Petro's goal is to unite the family, again by creating a family orchestra. To achieve this he has to normalize relations with his father, who is alcoholic. After the events on the Maidan and around the whole country, Petro decided that family reunification is his personal challenge and a task that carries a symbolic meaning.

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