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“The World from Dawn till Dusk” is a film educational project addressed to young documentary filmmakers. A group of famous Polish documentary makers: Marcel Lozinski, Jacek Blawut, Vita Zelakeviciute, Pawel Lozinski, Jacek Petrycki, Rafal Listopad, Mateusz Werner, Maciej J. Drygas and Miroslaw Dembinski will run a three week workshop for dozens of young film makers, during which a documentary film will be made.

The workshop and the work on the film will be run according to the method initiated by Maciej J. Drygas and Miroslaw Dembinski and used during their classes at the Lodz Film School and also applied during the next editions of the international project “The World from Dawn till Dusk”.

The work with the Polish filmmakers is a great opportunity for the young participants to find out about individual work of each tutor. The workshop teaches them how to perceive the world in a more sensitive way, how to understand it in a better way and finally how to present it. The city is the main protagonist of the film being made by all the workshop participants. Using the observation method they observe seemingly meaningless events in the lives of the city inhabitants. But through filmmakers personal interpretations the stories assume a new meaning and become special. When put together in one long film they create a universal metaphor.

The presentations of the films “The World from Dawn till Dusk” are an integral part of the project. The film viewers have an opportunity to see the life of their own city in an original form and compare it with other, often distant places, described in the same way. This leads to interesting reflections on similarities and differences as well as universal and timeless aspects.