YEREVAN (Armenia)

Presentation:  04-06.12.2013 

Participants: Maciej Drygas, Jacek Bławut, Mirosław Dembiński, Mirosława Dembińska, Katarzyna Boniecka, Mateusz Werner, Victoria Ogneva

The workshop organisers, tutor Jacek Bławut, film editor Katarzyna Boniecka and Victoria Ogneva travelled to Yerevan from Tbilisi. Travelling with them were the project’s creators: Mirosław Dembiński and Maciej Drygas. On 5 December 2013 a screening of the films “Tbilisi from Dawn till Dusk” and “Chisinău from Dawn till Dusk” and a meeting with the audience, which was mainly made up of participants in the workshop (students of Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema) took place in the Studio Theatre. Also present was the school’s Rector, Armen Mazmanyan (now sadly deceased). The next day the Polish team met in the Institute for a working meeting with the workshop participants to watch footage from the Yerevan documentary and discuss issues linked to the final cut. In the afternoon there was a press conference organised by our Armenian hosts for the local media, during which the Polish filmmakers presented the project “The World from Dawn till Dusk” and the results of the workshops in Yerevan. It was followed by the official premiere of the film “Yerevan from Dawn till Dusk” in the Moscow Cinema to a packed house of around 300. On 7 December the Polish delegation returned to Tbilisi, flying back to Warsaw the following day.