Wroclaw from Dawn till Dusk 

Wroclaw is a city of many names. Once German “Breslau” became home to repatriates from Lviv after the war. Now it serves as a European Capital of Culture.

The city is observed from a number of  viewpoints. Sometimes it is a foreigner’s viewpoint (people from Ukraine, Belarus, Switzerland, Israel or Palestine), sometimes it is a viewpoint of its citizens.

We happen to be here on a special day – the anniversary of the restoration of Poland’s independence. “The Meeting Place” is a slogan setting the tone for the event. Some people meet at the zoo, others at the Odra river – to fish or to support their kids during boat races, and still others at the mythical pub Miś (“Bear”).

The Word, in its various forms is our guide around Wroclaw: songs sung by lovers in the streets, chants of the March of Independence participants, glowing neon lights, gestures of the deaf and dumb, animal sounds and, most of all, the voice of Wroclaw Radio, which comments on reality with wit and satire.