TOKYO (Japan)

The presentation in Tokyo started with a press conference organized at the National Film Centre, the most prestigious film institution in Japan. This shows the significance which was applied to the finish of the workshop by one of its co-organizers from Tokyo, Japan Institute of the Moving Images and is a reflection of the professional attitude of this partner. Amongst the invited guests there were journalists from leading Japanese daily papers like “Tōkyō Shinbun” (with a circulation of 3.5 million), Professors Tadao Sato and Shigeki Chiba from the Tokyo film school, and the distributors’ representative: Ritsuko Iwanami and Tkeheide Harada, who are going to distribute the complete series “The World from Dawn till Dusk” in cinemas in the centre of Tokyo in February 2012. On the Polish side the embassy representatives, Mirosław Łuczko and Waldemar Czechowski were present. They emphasized the desire for the project to be continued and declared its financial and organizational support by the Polish Institute which was newly established in Tokyo.
In the following days during the screening at the film school in Kawasaki the audience consisted mainly of students and school professors, but there film distributors from Kawasaki Art Centre, were also present. Amongst them Mr. Satoshi Ohya, as well as local cultural activists. The greatest interest was caused by the tutors’ films and the project films from Minsk and Moscow. During a lively discussion with the audience about the tutors’ films once more the issue of the difference between a television report and an artistic documentary film was raised. The viewers were also interested in the themes referring to most recent Polish history. The questions asked about the project films mostly referred to editing structure. Other questions referred to the specific nature of cooperation with the students in the cities involved. Finally, the workshop participation certificates accompanied by T-shirts and DVDs with the workshop films, were handed in to the project participants, which was very moving. The Japanese students, often with tears in their eyes, stressed the importance of their meeting with Polish filmmakers. 

- National Film Centre, Japan Institute of the Moving Image, Japan Academy of Moving Images
date: 09-11.12.2011