The presentation of the results of the workshop had a special character in Moscow. Mostly due to the choice of the screening venue, which was the Memorial site. The screening room, which could seat about a hundred people was more than full. The rector of the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors, Mrs. Vera Sumenova was present at the screening as well as Naum Klejman, the director of the Moscow Museum of Cinematography and the co-organizer of the event and Maciej Drygas, the presenter of the event, thanked the partners and the workshop participants telling lots of anecdotes recalling the summer workshop meetings. The workshop participants from Moscow, who were present at the screening, were given workshop materials and the workshop’s films on DVDs by the organizers. After the screening the other tutors, Andrzej Musiał, Marek Skrzecz and Mateusz Werner also participated in a discussion with the audience and there was also a less formal occasion – the cocktail reception. The screening, which took place the next day was equally popular with the audience, which pleased the staff of the Memorial and the Museum of Cinematography. Anna Bulgakova, the museum curator, surprised by the success of the screenings, expressed a wish to show in her programme the films from the cycle “Russia-Poland. New Gaze.”, which were made under the initiative of Adam Mickiewicz Institute earlier on. (The initiator of the project: Mateusz Werner). The films were warmly received by the Moscow audience which reacted in a very emotional way especially to the Kiev part of the cycle.

- „Memoriał” Association

date: 11-12.11.2011