MINSK (Belarus)

Workshop:   16.09.2011 – 01.10.2011

Tutors: Pawel Lozinski, Jacek Petrycki

Partners: Minsk Filmschool-Studio, Polish Institute in Minsk

The film workshop in Minsk took place from 16th September to 1st October. Minsk Film School was a partner of the project. Participants were students of the State Academy of Art in Minsk, Minsk Film School, directors from Belsat Television and young talented filmmakers. Pawel Lozinski and Jacek Petrycki were artistic supervisors and Marek Skrzecz supervised editing. The workshop started with a pitching session during which the participants together with professors chose the twenty best ideas. The first days were dedicated to intense work with scripts, technical education and video documentation – everything required to thoroughly prepare for intensive shooting. To show a portrait of contemporary Minsk over only two weeks was a real challenge. The authors were interested in the ordinary lives of extraordinary people. They showed interesting portraits of Minsk inhabitants: such as the life of an evangelist taxi driver, a lonely old man speaking in poetry, an exotic dancer and a wedding photographer who is having difficulty finding a wife?