KIEV (Ukraine)

Workshop:   8.07.2011 – 23.07.2011

Tutors: Marcel Lozinski, Jacek Blawut, Vita Zelakeviciute

Partners:  Kiev National Theatre, Film and Television University named after Karpenko-Kary, Polish Institute in Kiev

A film workshop was organised in Kiev in cooperation with the Kyiv National Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University from 8th to 23rd July.
It was run by the famous Polish documentary filmmakers: Marcel Lozinski, Vita Zelaeviciute and Jacek Blawut. The classes and film reviews were held in the Suzirja Theatre. Participants were mostly students of the Directing and Cinematography Departments and young Ukrainian filmmakers. The workshop started with a project pitching session to select the most interesting ideas. Participants and tutors spent the next three days discussing topics, improving scripts, gathering together film crews and preparing for shooting. Almost all shooting was done on board the tourist ship “Riverest” cruising along the River Dnieper. It was a huge production challenge. The shooting schedule had to adhere strictly to the ship’s timetable. Students invited lots of unusual and diverse inhabitants of Kiev, and provided a context for them to meet and confront each other. What may happen during the meeting of an oligarch, an Orthodox pope ,old ladies, young musicians and an old veteran….? The project’s creators focused on the interactions between people drawing a funny and “warm” portrait of Kiev.