KIEV (Ukraine)

The screenings in Kiev took place in a well-situated cinema, Kinopanorama with a 400- seat screening room capacity. Despite the early opening time, screenings attracted about 250, mostly young viewers, allured by the atmosphere of an artistic event important for local circles of young filmmakers.
The spontaneity of the workshop’s participants created a remarkable atmosphere at the Kiev presentation. Having obtained the approval of the organizers, it was their initiative to turn the occasion into a memorable event.
An electric atmosphere, high emotions, deep satisfaction with the final result, which they had just seen on the screen – all this contributed to the unforgettable atmosphere of this meeting of the young Ukrainian filmmakers with their Polish tutors: Jacek Blawut, Marcel Łoziński and Vita Żelakieviciute. The screening and the lively discussion which followed, primarily in the screening room itself moved outside and further into the pulsating night life of Kiev. The screenings, which took place the next day, were also followed by discussions in the cinema halls. On the second day of the screenings, during the main TV news on the first channel of Ukrainian public television there was a substantial report on the workshop of Aleksandra Switla and Taras Czkan, which apart from the information about the films, presented the interviews with Marcel Łoziński, Jacek Blawut and the students from Kiev.

-„Kinopanorama” Cinema

Date:  8-9.11.2011