Havana from Dawn till Dusk

The documentary is a recording of one day in the life of Havana. From dawn till dusk, we are guided through the city by a taxi driver around whom the narrative turns. From the windows of his car we can see contemporary Cubans: the old and the young, the rich and the poor, the educated and those who were not fortunate enough to get an education. What the people have in common is their inner wisdom, cheerfulness and sometimes a tough love for Havana. The ubiquitous music is an important element of the film. It haunts the city like a ghost and incarnates various objects and creatures. Sometimes it comes out of the radio or out of the street musicians’ instruments, at other times it is the construction workers singing. Sometimes it plays an active role in the discussion between mother and daughter. It cannot be silenced by guns firing at the shooting range close by, nor by the ever more common Internet waves. Regardless of the form the music takes, it always brings people together and gives a rhythm to the lively streets.