Baku (Azerbaijan)  

Workshop:  21.08 - 06.09.2014  

Tutors: Maciej Drygas, Andrzej Musiał, Milenia Fiedler 

Partners:  The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of  Azerbaijan Republic, Azanfilm Studio

A workshop was run at Nizami Cinema in Baku on 21 August – 6 September 2014. Following our first visit to Baku in May our workshops were much talked about both in film circles and in other places, which caused wide interest among journalists and people from various fields of interest. Young filmmakers, already with filmmaking experience, film-school students,a journalist interested in documentary films and a student from ballet school created a group which managed to depict the fascinating and multifaceted life of Azerbaijan’s capital. Maciej Drygas headed the Polish tutors, Andrzej Musial was responsible for the cinematography and Milenia Fiedler was in charge of editing the film. On the production side the Polish team was made up of Pawel Sosnowski, who took charge of editing the material, Victoria Ogneva, who was production manager, and Adam Suzin, Mateusz Czuchnowski and Jan Groblinski, all students from the cinematography department at Lodz Film School. Supervising the workshops was director and producer Fariz Ahmedov, who, along with his assistants, Ramil Alakbarovy and Mamed Aqabekov, made sure the workshop ran smoothly. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Azerbaijan Republic gave huge organisational support and was actively involved in the project’s promotion.