Polish Documentary School


Baku (Azerbaijan) 25 - 29.06.2014 

Participants: Maciej Drygas, Victoria Ogneva

Documentation for the project Baku from Dawn till Dusk, took place during the Baku International Tourism Film Festival (BITFF) organised in Baku by Fariz Ahmedov. Subsequently, on 26 June 2014, we presented the film “Moscow form Dawn till Dusk” at a non-competition screening at the Nizami Cinema Center. As one of the creators of the project The World from Dawn till Dusk, Maciej Drygas talked about the origin, idea and aims of the project and the different ways it can be carried out. He answered numerous questions from the audience and from film critics during a relaxed discussion. The same day a meeting took place with the participants in the project about Azerbaijan’s capital. The issues of choice of topics, organisation and shooting plans, types of film equipment, selection of material and editing were discussed. Maciej Drygas talked extensively about the Polish documentary film school and the methods it has developed for observing the world and its residents.